Stay Kissable

Your lips need sun protection too. If you are not using an SPF on your lips, you are exposing the delicate skin to those damaging UV rays, and the same loss of firmness, collagen breakdown, fine lines and dark spots can occur. As we talk eat and drink throughout our day, re-applying is a must and we rely on the delicious, fresh lemony infused Lip Drink by Jane Iredale. Available in 4 lightly tinted shades, and one clear with a glimmer of shimmer, these lip balms contain a broad-spectrum SPF 15 with a combination of waxes and oils to provide an antioxidant-rich protective shield (coffee seed, blackberry & green tea leaf extracts). It has become our go-to lip balm that is as good for your lips as it is for the rest of you.  Pop in and see which shade you like best. Your lips will be glad you did!