What will your skin look like in 5, 10 or 20 years?

We talk a lot about skin, it is what we are passionate about.  We also know that not everyone is as enthusiastic about skin care as we are and, while we can suggest, encourage, cajole and recommend how best to protect and care for your skin, it is ultimately up to you to invest in good skin care and sun protection.

If skin aging is a concern, take a look at the image below and see for yourself how much faster the skin ages when it is unprotected from the sun.  A study of twins conducted 2002 in gives us a great visual:

Jeanne and Susan Age: 61

Photo credit: Michelle Mauser, University Hospital Medical Group

Since her 20s, Susan (right) has spent as much time as she could in the sun. Jeanne meanwhile, has aimed for “as little exposure as possible”.  Unlike chronological skin aging,  long-term exposure to the sun causes additional physical and structural changes to the skin, resulting in more coarsely wrinkled skin, spots of extra pigment, loss of pigment in other areas, dilated blood vessels and a pronounced loss of elasticity and skin firmness. 

If the above isn’t enough to encourage you to seek sun protection every day, a free iOS app, Sunface lets you take a selfie and see what your skin will look like in the future based on your level of UV exposure.  Once you have had the fright of your life, come on in and see us for a personalized skin assessment and a professional recommendation on what sun protection is best for your skin.  You can still have a summer glow and fresh, radiant skin – all while being protected from the damage sun exposure can cause.