Inspired by the serenity of the west coast rainforest, Raintree Spa offers an oasis of tranquility for optimum relaxation, health and wellness.

With so many things competing for our attention, it’s difficult to find the time to care for ourselves. Raintree provides a precious refuge from a frenzied pace. A time and place to relax and disconnect from the world as you recharge your body, mind and spirit.


Thank you to Raintree Spa and its lovely practitioners. From start to finish, I felt the care, relaxation and nourishment I needed to leave feeling restored and so deeply rejuvenated. What a gift – thank you!  ~ Shoshana D.



Revive sun exposed skin

neckWere tank tops your go-choice this summer?   If so, you may have noticed the skin on your chest has developed freckles, dark spots or uneven skin tone.  This fall, we are featuring our illuminating facial to renew your summer exposed skin and we are adding a special decollete treatment to renew the delicate skin on your chest … more



An hour of beautiful relaxation with our Raintree Ritual

If you have nVichyever experienced our Vichy rain shower treatment, now is your chance to experience a full body exfoliation combined with a Vichy rain shower that massages, rejuvenates and hydrates sun exposed skin.  Your treatment begins with … more