A beautifully soothing thermal body wrap designed to help combat the effects of water retention and cellulite, while infusing the body with quality, natural origin ingredients.

We first apply a precious blend of glycolic and lactic acid to the body designed to improve the skin’s texture and to facilitate absorption of the active ingredients to follow. We next apply an innovative, massagable mud created from thermal waters of Castello De Velona, in Montalcino, Italy. Renowned for its therapeutic properties, this exclusive blend of minerals, algae and essential oils are massaged into the skin with a focus on areas with noticeable water retention and cellulite, reducing the presence of extracellular water and visibly reshaping the body.
Cocooned in warmth and comfort, we will cleanse, tone and apply a hydrating mask to the face. As your body and face absorb the healing properties of the treatment, our caring hands will give you a deeply relaxing scalp massage.
Professionally draped at all times for your comfort and modesty,our introductory offer for this fabulous new treatment comes in at just $129 for a limited time.

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