A Raintree Update

It’s been just 4 weeks since Raintree re-opened with our new safety protocols and what a fantastic 4 weeks it has been! Thank you to all of our guests who have returned to visit us and have been so willing to embrace our enhanced protective protocols. We started accepting appointments in mid June with a small team to ensure that we could still deliver an exceptional experience while protecting our collective health, and by the feedback we have received, I am pleased to report that our guests have felt wonderfully cared for and very safe. From wearing masks throughout your visit to maintaining social distancing within the spa whenever possible, we are now confident to expand our service team and are now offering additional appointment opportunities for our signature Raintree manicures and pedicures and massage for some much needed relaxation!

You can expect the same warm welcome (even if our smile is hidden behind our masks), the same attention to detail that Raintree is known for and the same caring touch of our team. You can still enjoy the little luxuries as we are offering tea service in single use cups, bottled water, and individually wrapped chocolates from the fantastic chocolatiers at Sinfully The Best. Even our shoulder wraps are disinfected after each use with the same level of disinfectant we use for all of our equipment and every touch point is regularly disinfected throughout the day.

We have even brought in the truly game changing hand sanitizers from the local team at MeadowFoam. In amazing scent combinations that are uplifting and pleasure to use, the sanitizers are moisturizing and light, a far cry from the wet gels we have become accustomed too. With 70% alcohol as their base to eradicate any germs, these beautifully scented sanitizers have been a welcome change to weary hands. These feel as good as they smell, and everyone who’s tried them can feel the difference. 250ml is ideal for home/work/car with a convenient 50ml to carry in your purse. Be prepared to be transported to a tropical paradise with Coconut Acai, or to a Summer garden with Hibiscus Rose Cedarwood. Fresh with a hit of citrus is the Mint Grapefruit, and the enticing blend of Hibiscus Grapefruit is a magical combination.

Hand care wouldn’t be complete without some extra TLC so we have also brought in the MeadowFoam Cuticle Oil to keep your perfect manicure and pedicure fresh. More than just a cuticle oil, we found a small pump is beautifully moisturizing for our hands, without the greasy feel of a typical oils that have all sorts of additives and synthetics. Prepared in the same scents as the hand sanitizers, each can be enjoyed on their own and would make a terrific (yet completely practical) gift as we begin to see our family and friends again.

When you are ready, we have manicure, pedicure, massage and waxing appointments available Wednesday-Saturdays. We look forward to seeing you again, healthy, happy and safe.