Amazing Ascenta Skin can be yours!

Amazing Ascenta Skin Results – age-defying, beauty elixir in a bottle.
A favourite with Raintree staff and customers alike, Ascenta Skin is Canada’s #1 all-natural, proven-pure skin supplement designed to transform your skin from the inside out. With a host of health benefits, it contains two omega-3s from concentrated and purified sources, omega-6, two plant-derived antioxidants and Vitamin D. If you are already taking an omega-3 supplement, this is a switch worth making. Here are some “before and after” photos showing the amazing results that customers are experiencing (and you can too):
Available in liquid and softgel formulations, Ascenta Skin caters to your individual preference, with a fresh fruit flavour that eliminates the traditional aftertaste found in other omega-3 supplements (yucky, to say the least).
Ascenta is designed specifically for skin health, so it boosts skin elasticity, increases skin firmness, restores skin tone, reduces roughness and redness, enhances hydration and fights UV damage. Exclusive to the spa industry, Ascenta Skin is the perfect compliment to your professional skin care treatments, and partners exceptionally well with our [comfort zone] Skin Regimen face care line.  Purchase your Ascenta Skin today and we’ll ship it tomorrow!