Attention holiday gift card purchasers & recipients – Raintree policy change in effect December 1-31st, 2014

For our guests who wish to escape the “holiday frenzy” with a well-deserved Raintree spa treatment, the month of December can prove challenging for optimal relaxation. As many guests will attest, the steady flow of gift card purchasers entering and exiting the spa creates a frenzy of activity, rather than an oasis of serenity.
Therefore, in order to preserve a peaceful atmosphere for our spa guests this holiday season, Raintree Gift Cards will be available for purchase ONLINE ONLY between December 1st and 31st, 2014. The ONLY exception to this policy will be spa guests who wish to purchase a gift upon check-out from their service with us. Please be sure to notify friends and family who are planning to purchase gift cards in person during this time frame. We truly appreciate their business and it is important to us that customers are not disappointed upon arrival at the spa. In the meantime, we look forward to fulfilling gift card purchases in person until November 30th!  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A GIFT CARD