February’s Facial Feature!

Put your best face forward this February with our intensely moisturizing Hydramemory Facial.  Skin is plump, smooth and visibly hydrated, resulting in youthful, rested skin.  These scientifically formulated products are full of effective but naturally sourced ingredients that feed your skin for lasting hydration. 1hr 15 min of blissful relaxation, on special for the month of February for only $123.

Extend the benefits and results of your facial!

We are offering

20% off of when you buy two or more of our Hydramemory products for the month of February. 

Gone are the days when indoor heating strips our skin of its critical moisture, leaving us with tightness, redness and irritated skin. We recommend starting with the powerhouse duo of a moisturizer and serum:

The Hydramemory 24hr Double Hydration Cream or its sister the Hydramemory 24hr Cream Gel are light on the skin, refreshing and packed with essential ingredients to protect and soothe even for those with skin sensitives.

The Hydramemory Serum with its micro particles of hyaluronic acid and its blend of natural extracts helps protect the skin’s barrier and the ultra-light “sorbet” texture immediately quenches the skin for intensive and prolonged hydration.

New to they Hydramemory Line (replacing the Hydramemory Fluid) is the Hydramemory Essence.  As powerful as a serum but as light as a toner, is an intensive, concentrated solution containing 11 hydrating activators that is immediately hydrating and it maximizes the efficacy of subsequently applied face care products, ensuring you get (and keep) all of the hydrating benefits of your products.