Smile When You FacePlant

Faceplant founder Bridgitte Ulanch believes that reading comforting and inspired musings before we sleep inspires our dreams and the whole of our lives. “Believe in the beauty of your dreams”, part of a wonderful quote by Eleanor Roosevelt was her inspiration for Faceplant Dreams, and the journey began.
Playful and inspiring messages on pillowcases made from 300 Thread Count Cotton; gloriously silky bamboo sleepwear; super soft, cozy slippers; and a unique medley of giftable essentials. The Faceplant team put a lot of thought into their musings, but in the end, they simply say what’s in their heart and what makes us smile – especially when we faceplant 🙂
Check out the new Faceplant collection at Raintree next time you’re in the neighbourhood. And don’t forget Mom this Mother’s Day. Our Limited Edition “Mom” bamboo sleep shirt makes the perfect gift. And even better when paired with a Raintree gift card.