Thank you for sharing your tributes to Mom!

Congratulations Lisa O. – winner of our Celebrate Mom Contest. Your entry was drawn to receive a Loving Hands & Feet Spa Package for that special woman in your life. Thank you to everyone who entered our contest and shared their wonderful thoughts and memories of their mothers.
My mom finally relented to the brain thief we more commonly refer to as Alzheimer’s this January. I have spent a lot of days reflecting on all of the things that make a mom a mom. My mom was a very serious woman, quite stern in her approach to life and her opinion once given rarely changed. She was also that mom who was always there, for everything. Driving to games, and events; cheering in the crowd; yelling at the ref’s bad call in that basketball game, offering up her glasses so he could see better; chaperoning camp-outs. Stoically standing by as we went through the bumps and lumps that so often accompany growing up. She was there through the boyfriends, breakups, marriages, births and more. The memories are countless and priceless. Alzheimer’s ever so slowly stripped each of these memories from her but it can never take them from us (my sister and I) and so we remember, in honour of her and for her. Happy Mothers Day to all mom’s everywhere, you are a very rare and special group of people. ~ Lisa O.
She has helped to raise 2 generations in our family. Her continued strength, selflessness and sacrifice inspires me to be the best mom that I can be for my family. ~ Dianne D.
My dear Mother was a beautiful woman. I was so blessed to have such a caring, loving mentor in my life. At age 67 her and dad were both diagnosed with cancer the same day… And her amazing attitude was “theres nothing we can do about so, we just have to deal with it”. This wonderful outlook on life was with her till we lost her at age 93. Only 8 months before my wedding. She passed smiling up at me as I held her in my arms. I miss her so very much every day. ~ Ishbel K.
My mom rocks! She does so much for our family. From cooking one of her fabulous meals on every special occasion and holiday to making sure everyone’s needs are met no matter how old all of us are. For me personally she was my rock when I battled cancer (melanoma) and gave birth to my daughter during and after a hard labour and delivery. Of course I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea of how she is special to me and our family! ~ Leanne M.
My mom is the kindest, most caring and considerate person I have ever met, and I am beyond blessed to have her as MY mom. She is forever putting others ahead of herself and going out of her way to make other people feel special and loved. She has been there for me through the absolute worst of times, and I don’t know where I would be without her. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night or if we re oceans apart, she is always there for me. She has taught me, and shown me what truly unconditional love is. She is not only my mom, I am lucky enough to call her my best friend, there is no one I would rather laugh, chat or cry with than her! There is absolutely no way I could ever thank her enough or express how lucky and thankful I am for her. All I know is that having her as my mom, and best friend is the greatest gift I could ever wish for! ~ Catherine C.

She knows me so well and is willing to put others so far ahead of her. She’s so easy to talk to and our inside jokes are the best. She’s taught me so much and I aspire to be like her. My mom’s morals and optimistic outlook in life is incredible. Her commitment to our family and to the wellbeing of our family is overwhelming Her sass is hilarious and she handles everything perfectly. My mom is anything but typical, she is my super woman! ~ Michelle N.
My mother is special because she will always be there if you need her. ~ Angela C.
My mom is a selfless human being. She is always giving her time to her family. From cooking amazing meals to spending time taking care of her great grandchildren, she does it all! ~ Janine M.
What makes our Mom so special is she loves us with all of her heart and she puts us before everything. She left her career 9 years ago to stay at home with all of us. Our Mom started having babies late in life, so she popped the first one out (Olivia) when she was 41 years old, followed by Ava at 44 and Sophie at 45! This was after many years of trying to have babies, so she says we’re all miracles to her. Our Mom turns 51 this July, but she looks much younger… she keeps up with us by eating healthy (and getting us to eat healthy) and getting plenty of excercise with us! Our Mom is the best Mommy in the whole wide world 🙂 ~ Olivia, Ava & Sophie R.
Mum is extremely selfless even through the horrible neck and back pain she has had this past year.~ Sam M.
She has always supported my sister and I through anything. From sports to school to relationships and our youth organization that we have been a part of for 10+ years. She is a single mum so it hasnt always been easy, but she has been there for everything. She always knows how to cheer me up and help me through difficult and stressful times. She is incredibly honest and loving and always there to listen to us and give us great advice. She is the best mum in the world and totally deserves a spa visit! ~ Ashleigh M.
She has such a big heart with so much generosity, and she always puts us first before herself. Thinking back to all that she has done for us and being so selfless, I have so much appreciation for who she is. ~ Mark M.
My mum is super special for many reasons. She has gone through so many hard times but has done her very best to be the best role model. Despite suffering arthritis in both knees – she came all the way from the UK to help me with my first born and again this year to celebrate his 1st birthday (in Vancouver) and help me return to work. She always puts others first and volunteers her services to her community on a weekly/monthly basis.
She is a true inspiration both spiritually, physically and emotionally. My mum is so special and I appreciate her being such a crucial part of me. ~ Manpreet B.
That she gave up everything for her children and still does. She is a lover and a dreamer. She is a deep feeler and people gravitate toward her to receive the comfort they cannot give themself. I’m grateful for the love she gives, her limitless affection as well as her faults. All of them. Now I see how those traits and less than perfect events helped me become the person I am today. A person I am proud to be, because of who she was, how she was as a mother and who she is to me today. My wish for her is that she spends the rest of her life loving herself as I love her, how I see her and all those around her see her. ~ Kerri-Anne L.
She was the person who taught me to take care of myself and the importance of treating ourselves to special things like me time, good food, spa time, meditation and tea! ~ Geny H.
My mom is wonderful. I am 35, married with 2 children and she still will buy us groceries that she thinks we’ll especially enjoy at the stores. She uses her vacation time at work to help us take care of our young children when we are in a bind, and spends many Saturday nights babysitting our kids so me and my hubby can have date nights out. We are blessed to have her in our lives. ~ Cheryl N.
She is my role model.. Now that I have children, I understand how important it is to be reallllly patient. Lol! ~ Theresa W.
Her amazing smile and the ability to see the positive no matter the situation. Even though she is no longer hear, whenever I am struggling I can hear her say, “it’s going to be okay. What’s meant to be, will be.” It’s more than a mantra, to me, it has become a way of life. As it turns out, my mom was right. ~ Bonnie F.
My mom is the most special mom she is hip cool and selfless always puts everyone else before herself. She seems to be all my friends surrogate moms too. She thinks of everyone and never forgets any occasion . She is always giving all she has of herself. She is most deserving of this package to say thamks mom for everything you do. ~ Nicki A.