The truth behind “you get what you pay for”

As a team, we are experts in skin care and esthetics, having decades of experience and thousands of hours spent in training, seminars, coaching and skill development.  Our guiding principle is to work together to ensure every client feels like a welcome friend and a favourite guest.

If we don’t have a guest in our treatment room, you won’t find us in the back room hanging out.  Our team takes those opportunities to ensure that every touch point for our guests is impeccable. We study in-depth product knowledge and share our skill and experience with each other so that our team can be the best therapists we can be.  Teaching and training are the cornerstones of our business and a testament to our 14 year success.

This is one of the many reasons our spa is different.  We will never be the least expensive spa compared to some others (although with the 5 star experience you receive, we are very reasonable 😊) but we will always be the spa that delivers on our promise of exceptional experiences.

We know that some guests may even try another spa either at home or away and that’s ok!  We know that when they don’t receive the same warmth, caring and expertise that is unique to Raintree, those guests will be back.  Our value is in how we make our guests feel and in the results our guests receive, and that is something that can’t be quantified on a total at the bottom of a receipt.

When a guest is ready to return, we will be here to welcome you back with joy, as we look forward to renewing friendships and catching up on lives well spent.