Vichy is back!

After a long break, Raintree is ready to offer hydrotherapy Vichy services once again! For those of you patiently waiting, we are booking both our Raintree Ritual and our Raintree Bliss as of September 14th.

For those that are new to Vichy, this hydrotherapy treatment uses 6 warm water shower heads to massage the full body. Professionally draped throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort and modesty, hydrotherapy treatments have been known to improve health and circulation, all while creating a relaxing and soothing body treatment.  We are launching 2 of our most popular Vichy services this month:

Our Raintree Ritual is a full body exfoliation treatment combined with the warm Vichy rain shower massage to rejuvenate dry Summer skin with softness and hydration. 1hr $128

Our Raintree Bliss begins with the hydrating full body Raintree Ritual and ends with our signature Raintree Essential Facial to restore summer weary skin from head to toe.  

1:15hr $158. Both services are a great introduction to Vichy and we look forward sharing these experiences with you.

book online HERE