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Cyberderm award-winning, world-class sunscreens are now at Raintree! Based on two decades of research and formulated with Zinc Oxide (not chemical sunscreens), Cyberderm provides consistent and photo-stable protection against UVB and UVA rays. Designed with young and mature skins in mind, Cyberderm also provides additional active anti-aging ingredients, including peptides and anti-oxidants. Available in two formulas, they are also perfect for kids. Pop by anytime and sample some for yourself.
Everyday Sun Whip 25 with 15% Zinc Oxide  A soothing, calming sunscreen with a cashmere matte finish that can be applied to the face, neck, chest and hands daily. $38
Simply Zinc Sun SPF 30 with 22% Certified Organic Zinc Oxide For those looking for a pure, physical sunscreen, Simply Zinc Sun Whip will change how you view zinc oxide sunscreens. It  contains 22% certified organic Zinc Oxide in a rich and hydrating olive oil base. It applies smoothly and transparently, absorbing quickly, without leaving a shiny finish. Perfect for those looking for more hydration, or for those with sensitive skin.  $38
The Cyberderm Simply Zinc difference – by Cyberderm Executive Director, Sarah Dudley
We always talk about how great a sunscreen is in terms of protection. However, with the advent of BB and CC creams, consumers have thrown out the challenge to brands to make their products good for people’s skin, outside of what they do for UVB/UVA protection. And without the harmful ingredients found in many sunscreens. Here, Sarah highlights some of the other ways that Simply Zinc actually benefits your skin aside from its impressive protective track record.
Benefits of Zinc Oxide
kidslovecyberdermDo you remember that other type of Zinc Oxide that we were lovingly smeared with as tender infants?  Zinc oxide made excellent, if not glamorous, ‘bum paste’ because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s also a known wound healer, which is why those who are zinc deficient can have slower healing times. We often talk about zinc helping maintain a healthy skin barrier. However, on its own, it’s not occlusive. Zinc oxide is also meant to be antiseptic and regulate sebum, making it acceptable for acneic skin. With all of this in mind, it’s quite the miracle mineral.
Benefits of Olive Oil
We get mixed reactions when we say our Simply Zinc has extracts of olive oil as our base for the formula. Some automatically think this means the product will be too rich for them.  Others are excited by the prospect having heard so many good things about oils for the face.  Our extract of olive oil that we source from Milan actually comes in the form of white flakes and does not look like the olive oil you would purchase in a grocery store. It is an Eco-certified product that we use as our emulsifier, meaning it allows the oily phase to mix with the water phase of the formula. This makes for a beautiful product, since it’s 100% compatible to the skin and mimics our natural lipid structure. Like zinc oxide, it also forms a breathable barrier that promotes our own natural hydration mechanism. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and stable anti-oxidant.
Benefits of Tetrapeptides
There has been a lot of fancy talk about peptides and what they can do for the skin.  It goes part and parcel with what we hear about in terms of how important protein is for the healthy functioning of our body.  It’s odd, but if you Google Image search for tetrapeptides, pictures of Jennfier Lopez come up. She certainly does have beautiful pinch-able skin and perhaps at some point, she was a devotee of peptides. Our form of peptides keeps those essential collagen fibers healthy and intact. We included it in our Simply Zinc so that people can get a daily dose of it, truly making it an anti-aging product. A sunscreen that helps improve the look of wrinkles at the same time it protects.
Tips on using Cyberderm Simply Zinc:

  1. Your skin should be cleansed and well hydrated before applying.  Zinc Oxide does tend to bind with dead skin, so make sure that you have an adequate exfoliation routine in place.
  2. Some like to apply to slightly damp skin to help spread it. If you happen to use a setting anti-oxidant spray (we love jane iredale hydration sprays), apply your first spritz now.
  3. Emulsify the product by rubbing it in your palms before applying it to the face.
  4. The product does take a full minute to absorb into your skin.  This is related to the high concentration of zinc oxide, which is a solid and relatively large particle.  Fortunately, while you are waiting, the product is still matte and completely transparent unlike other high zinc alternatives.
  5. Apply your usual make-up after as per your usual method.  Our products pair exceptionally well with high quality mineral make-ups like jane iredale since you are simply layering another mineral on top of another.
  6. Enjoy and use it everyday!