When to choose Mineral Sunscreen

As all of our guests can attest, we encourage the use of a mineral sunscreen on the face, chest and hands everyday.  After every facial, you will find us in our lounge, applying a light coverage of Jane Iredale minerals, our favourite sun protection.  Not only does it block the sun, especially important to us after professional exfoliation and the application of intensive serums and age fighting products, but they also deliver skin enhancing benefits that are so good for your skin.  It is why they call Jane Iredale the ‘Skin Care Makeup’.    The best treatment over time for your skin is sun protection.  It is the best line of defence against all skin related issues and if you chose nothing else, daily sun protection will benefit your skin in the months, years and decades to come.

Focusing on mineral sun protection specifically, minerals create a barrier that reflects away the harmful UVA/UVB rays, not allowing them to penetrate the skin ( a different process altogether from the chemical reaction of most sunscreens found on drugstore shelves).

Our Jane minerals are water resistant, include antioxidant rich Pine Bark and Pomegranate extracts to help fight free radical production caused by sun exposure and are even reef-safe, meaning you will not bring harm to marine habitats that are being damaged by the chemicals in most mass produced sunscreens.  

We have a number of options to choose from, whether you need a foundation, a dry powder (great for the guys as the coverage stays put even when sweating under the ball cap) or a combination of skin perfecting coverage and protection, we have options to best protect your skin.  Pop in and see us for a perfect match!